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888-606-4841-Windows 10 No Longer Offered as Recommended Update on Windows 7/8.1

888-606-4841-Windows 10 No Longer Offered as Recommended Update on Windows 7/8.1

With the end of July 2016 a couple of days ago, Windows 10 is will no longer be offered as a free upgrade to the Windows users who have been running Windows 7 and 8.1. This way, we can say that Microsoft's aggressive strategy to push everyone to set up this new operating system finally has finally come to an end. Now, the world’s leading technology brand is making some changes as it needs no aggressive tactics to move forward Windows 10 on computers run by Windows 7 and 8.1. You can have lots of information available on the Windows support page concerning Windows 10 forced upgrade. If you are having any issue with the upgrade, then visit page for Windows support for help to stop Windows 10 forced upgrade or how to stop Windows 10 upgrade in progress.

It is well-known that the technology giant earlier offered Windows 10 as a recommended update via Windows Update. The new OS was chosen by default whenever Windows users wanted to patch their systems. Now, there is no such restriction as the period for a free-upgrade has been lapsed. Consequently, with the free-upgrade push, all necessary installation files and other items that Windows 10 required to run were downloaded with patches. Finally, so the only thing left to do was to start the installer. Interestingly, there are some independent technical support providing companies, such as Intelli Atlas, that can help you resolve the issue of a forceful Windows 10 upgrade. If you have downloaded the Windows 10 unwillingly and want to get rid of it without losing your valuable data, then dial Microsoft® Windows support phone number to block Windows 10 update or disable Windows 10 upgrade.

It is supposed that, with the new development, the new operating system from Microsoft will not be displayed as a recommended update in Windows Update. It is likely that get Windows 10 app has not yet gone. Moreover, the company is also showing not showing Windows 10 upgrade notifications on Windows 7 and 8.1 computers after July 29, 2016. The app which is considered as GWX will continue to support these PCs, no upgrade notifications.

Right now, GWX will only show the end of free upgrade when you open the app. And it can be removed by uninstalling KB3035583. If you are unable to uninstall KB3035583, just dial a toll-free Windows 10 support phone number that connects you to professional technicians employed by Intelli Atlas. They will help you resolve the issues with a remote phone support service.

Microsoft has not indicated whether it will come out with a new free upgrade or not. So, you can decide yourself whether to wait or remove it automatically. The best thing you can do to upgrade to Windows 10 legally is to buy a license for the most affordable version that costs $119.99 in the US.

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